Friday, September 12, 2008


Two weeks ago, our fave spinning instructor Essie Shure (see posts from 9/28/07 and 5/26/08 below) made the move to Blacksburg, Va. While we wish her the best, it's a major drag for us regular spinners at the Sports Center in Toluca Lake, because no other trainer played better music or maintained a more infectious sense of groove. Because I'd been putting together spin compilations for her to use since 2003, it seemed fitting to make one for her crosscountry drive. Here's what I came up with...

For Essie, August 31, 2008
1. "Free Fallin'," John Mayer (4:24)
2. "Big Screen," Pictures And Sound (4:10)
3. "Strange Overtones," David Byrne & Brian Eno (4:18)
4. "Chicago," Sufjan Stevens (6:05)
5. "House of Cards," Radiohead (5:28)
6. "All I Got Is Me," Spoon (3:26)
7. "Message to My Girl," Split Enz (4:02)
8. "Real Love," Lucinda Williams (3:45)
9. "You Are the Best Thing," Ray Lamontagne (3:55)
10. "Two Ways Out," Darker My Love (3:23)
11. "The Youth," Pictures And Sound (4:12)
12. "Via Chicago," Wilco (5:34)
13. "Float On," Ben Lee (4:08)
14. "Safe Distance," The Explorers Club (2:07)
15. "Everything in Its Right Place," Radiohead (4:11)
16. "We Can Work It Out," The Beatles (2:16)
17. "A Falling Through," Ray LaMontagne (4:28)
18. "Autumn Sweater," Yo La Tengo (5:18)
19. "Surf's Up," The Beach Boys (4:12)

Just got this Facebook Wall to Wall note, which is precisely the sort of response that has made the day of mixtape compilers since the invention of the audiocassette basck in the previous century:

Firstly, I really can't thank you enough for the travel cd you made for me. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit this, but I got teary-eyed on a couple of them ("Free Fallin'" got me good)... & that little inconspicuous "we'll keep a seat warm for you, Ess" note on the cover was quite nice. Pictures And Sound, awesome!...
thank you, thank you :D
I really do miss you guys. I'm gonna miss showing up to teach, greeted w/a fresh new set of tunes placed on my handlebars... (sigh) <: \ Please tell Peg "hello" from me."

Recommended reading: Rob Sheffield, Love Is a Mix Tape (Three Rivers Press, 2007)

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