Monday, May 26, 2008


Essie Shure, my spin trainer, pal and fellow playlist collaborator (see earlier entry), just put together the beginning of a master list of spinning songs, complete with how she uses each track. “My friend, a fellow spin instructor, requested some new music,” she Essie tells me. “She's on the East Coast...bringing the West Coast sound east :)” What's interesting is that 95% of these tracks are from 2007, which is shaping up as an unusually good year for music as I look in the rearview mirror. Essie not only has impeccable taste (if I do say so myself), she’s also conscientious—she actually put each song in quotes.

"Arizona"/Kings Of Leon - climb
"Dreamworld"/Riley Kiley - warm up
"Business Time"/Flight Of The Concords - steady climb (funny)
"Rehab"/Amy Winehouse - fast jog
"Time To Get Away"/LCD Soundsystem - cool down
"North American Scum"/LCD Soundsystem - warm up
"Sea Legs"/The Shins - climb
"Keep The Car Running"/Arcade Fire - climb/jog
"Knocked Up"/Kings Of Leon - steady climb
"Young Folks"/Peter Bjorn & John - fast jog
"Traffic & Weather"/Fountains Of Wayne - jog
"California"/Mates Of State - climb
(songs by Sergio Mendes)
"End Of The Line"/Traveling Wilburys - fast jog/cool down
"Remind Me"/Royksopp - fast rounds
"If I Ever Feel Better"/Phoenix - rounds
"Everything In Its Right Place (Paul Oakenfeld remix)"/Radiohead - warm up
"Inner City Pressure"/Flight Of The Conchords - steady climb (funny)
"Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)"/Robert Pl... - fast
"Get Innocuous!"/LCD Soundsystem - rounds
"15 Step"/Radiohead - jog
"Timebomb"/Beck - jog w/resistance
"A-Punk"/Vampire Weekend - quick jog
"Weird Fishes/Arpeggi “/Radiohead - very fast in the saddle
"Reckoner"/Radiohead - climb/sprint
"Help Me"/k.d. lang - cool down/stretch
"Mushaboom" (Postal Service remix)/Feist - fast
"New Shoes"/Paolo Nutini - jog
"Waiting On The World To Change"/John Mayer - climb
"Show You How"/Lindsey Buckingham - fast/climb

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